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Teeth Straightening Specialist

Rad Orthodontics

Orthodontics located in Bethesda, MD, College Park, MD, Potomac, MD & Rockville, MD

What’s keeping you from a confident smile? If it’s crowded, overlapped, or otherwise misaligned teeth, don’t hesitate to visit Rad Orthodontics. At their offices in College Park, Potomac, and Bethesda, Maryland, the team of teeth-straightening experts has a wide variety of treatment options to align your teeth quickly and comfortably. To learn more, call the office nearest you or book a teeth-straightening appointment online today.

Teeth Straightening Q & A

Why would I need teeth straightening?

If you feel any insecurity about your smile, teeth straightening could be right for you. The team at Rad Orthodontics has a variety of teeth-straightening treatments they can employ to align your teeth in your mouth and space them evenly, giving you a beautiful smile. 

If your teeth are crooked or crowded, don’t hesitate to ask your Rad Orthodontics provider about teeth straightening. They personalize a treatment program for you, using their variety of options to give you the best smile as quickly as possible. 

What are my teeth straightening options?

Traditionally, orthodontics turned to metal braces held in place by elastics to move teeth into their desired position. But Rad Orthodontics has a number of alternatives to this slow-moving, highly visible treatment. 

At their office, they offer:

Self-ligating braces

These braces work like traditional braces except the brackets clip directly onto the archwire. That means you don’t need elastics, helping keep your smile food-free while delivering faster results.

Incognito™ hidden braces

By placing your braces on the inside of your teeth, your Rad Orthodontics provider helps you get your dream smile without visible braces. 

Treatments to speed results

Whatever type of braces you choose, you may want to add AcceleDent® Aura or Propel® treatment to help your teeth move faster. With these add-on treatments, you get straighter teeth in a shorter treatment time. 


Rather than brackets and wires, this orthodontic treatment moves your teeth into place using a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. You wear your aligners for 20–22 hours a day and can take them out to eat and drink, play sports, meet up with friends, and more. 

Which teeth straightening option is right for me?

It depends on the current positioning of your teeth, your ideal teeth straightening timeline, your lifestyle, and your budget. The experts at Rad Orthodontics are available to help you choose the best teeth-straightening treatment for you. 

If you’re interested in getting straighter teeth, don’t wait to contact the Rad Orthodontics office closest to you. Call the office or book an appointment online today using the online scheduling tool to get started on the path to straighter teeth.