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Smile Design Specialist

Rad Orthodontics

Orthodontics located in Bethesda, MD, College Park, MD, Potomac, MD & Rockville, MD

What does your ideal smile look like? Come find out at Rad Orthodontics. At their offices in College Park, Potomac, and Bethesda, Maryland, the team uses their extensive expertise and the latest digital tools available today to show you how they can transform your smile. If you’re ready to get started with the smile design of your dreams, call the office nearest you or schedule a visit online today.

Smile Design Q & A

What is smile design?

Smile design is an area of cosmetic dental expertise. At Rad Orthodontics, the experienced team of smile designers uses a wide array of tools to first show you how your smile could look, then implement the right treatments to get you there. 

Quality smile design is personalized to you. At Rad Orthodontics, your smile designer starts the process by talking with you about your smile goals. They also take the time to analyze your unique jaw shape and your unique teeth. Then, they start the process of designing your ideal smile. 

How do I know what I can expect from smile design?

It’s one thing to have an orthodontist tell you your smile can be improved by the treatments they recommend. It’s entirely another to be able to see what your smile will look like once treatment is complete. 

Using OrthoCAD iQ, your Rad Orthodontics provider makes a 3D model of your smile. This allows you to see how treatments work, giving you a clear visualization of what to expect from the smile-design process. 

What’s more, this 3D modeling helps your Rad Orthodontics smile designer determine which treatments will be most effective for you. And once a treatment is chosen, it helps them be as precise as possible to give you the best results. For example, if you choose braces, the 3D model helps them determine the exact best positioning of your brackets to give you ideal results as quickly as possible.

What’s included in the smile design process?

Just like your smile design itself, your smile design treatment is personalized to you. Your Rad Orthodontics provider customizes the treatment based on your unique mouth, your preferences, and your smile goals.

Your treatment might include self-ligating braces, hidden braces, or Invisalign®, depending on what’s right for your smile and your lifestyle. Whichever treatment you choose, you can expect a shorter treatment time than you would expect with traditional orthodontics. The team at Rad Orthodontics uses the latest technology and most advanced treatments to minimize your time spent in braces or aligners, delivering your smile-design results as fast as possible. 

Talk with Rad Orthodontics and they can design a treatment program to give you your ideal smile. Call the office closest to you or book your smile-design consultation online today.