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Clear Aligners Specialist

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Many people want to feel better about their smile, but not everyone wants the gleaming metal grin associated with traditional metal braces. Clear aligners offer a great alternative and are among the most popular offerings at Rad Orthodontics in College Park, Potomac, and Bethesda, Maryland. If you have questions about how clear aligners can help you reach your best possible smile, call the office to book a consultation today. Online scheduling is also available, making it easy to find a time that fits your busy life.

Clear Aligners Q & A

Why choose clear aligners?

Clear aligners offer a chance to straighten your teeth without a series of brackets, wires, elastic bands, and other components. They are a popular option and one that brings many new patients into the practice. 

Aesthetics are a primary reason why clear aligners are so popular. Aligners are crafted from clear plastic and are customized to fit snugly against the surface of your teeth. Once in place, your aligners are not noticeable, even to people you are speaking with face-to-face. 

Clear aligners also simplify your dental hygiene routine while you move through orthodontic treatment. You remove your aligner trays to brush and floss your teeth. That makes it easier to ensure all surfaces receive the proper attention and leaves fewer places for plaque and bacteria to thrive. 

How do clear aligners work?

The process begins with a thorough dental exam and state-of-the-art oral scanning, which produces detailed imaging of the exact size, shape, and orientation of your teeth. Once you and your orthodontist determine clear aligners are the best course of action, it’s time to produce your first sets of trays.

Rad Orthodontics is proud to offer in-house 3D printing. This enables your team to craft your custom aligners right away. You won’t have to wait for a lab to manufacture your trays and ship them to the office, which saves you time and money. 

You’ll wear your aligners around the clock, taking them out only to eat and take care of your oral hygiene. The trays place gentle pressure on your teeth to slowly shift them into proper alignment. You then switch to a new set of trays every couple of weeks to move your treatment forward. 

How do I know if clear aligners are right for me?

Clear aligners are a wonderful option in many cases, but they aren’t the right fit for everyone. Your specialist works with you to clarify your treatment goals and explore whether clear aligners can get you where you want to be in the time frame that suits you best. 

There is also the matter of treatment compliance to consider. Clear aligners can only do their job while you’re wearing them. Unlike traditional braces that you can’t remove, you can pop your aligners out whenever you like. 

This can be an issue for some. Teenagers often struggle to wear their aligners (and eventually, their retainer) as prescribed. Clear aligners will fit more tightly during the first few days and can leave the same mild soreness as metal braces. The difference lies in your ability to relieve that mild discomfort by removing your aligners. 

Learn more about clear aligners during a face-to-face visit with the Rad Orthodontics team. Booking takes just moments online or by phone, so don’t delay.