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You might be surprised to learn that according to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than 1.4 million American and Canadian adults chose to undergo orthodontic treatment in 2014. For those in the areas of College Park, Potomac, and Bethesda, Maryland, adult orthodontics are available from the team at Rad Orthodontics. If you’re curious about how state-of-the-art orthodontics can improve your smile, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Adult Orthodontics Q & A

Why do men and women pursue adult orthodontics?

Many men and women are interested in improving the appearance of their smile. That makes a lot of sense, as your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and part of what makes a lasting impression.

However, there are also numerous health reasons to consider getting braces as an adult. Misaligned teeth are more challenging to keep clean, which increases your risk of plaque buildup and eventual tooth decay and gum disease. Depending on the specifics of your smile, orthodontic treatment can make it easier to reach all areas of your teeth as you brush and floss. 

There’s also the matter of your bite to consider. Misaligned teeth can place undue pressure on the biting surface of your upper and lower teeth as you chew. Braces or an aligner system like InvisalignⓇ can move your teeth into the proper position and reduce excess friction or pressure points when you chew or bite down. 

What are some less visibly obvious orthodontic options? 

The leadership team at Rad Orthodontics goes to great lengths to stay at the forefront of advancements in orthodontic technology. Patients of all ages have access to the best tools and systems in the industry, and there are numerous options to meet virtually every set of treatment needs. 


This system uses a series of clear plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into optimal alignment. The technology behind Invisalign can create solutions for a wide range of dental needs, much like traditional braces. 

Damon™ Smile

Damon Smile braces are a form of self-ligating braces, which means they don’t require elastic or metal bands to hold the treatment wire in place. Special clips attach your wire to your brackets, allowing your teeth to move more easily than traditional metal braces. Damon Smile braces are also available in a clear version. 


This system takes a unique approach where the brackets are placed on the inside or backside of your teeth. They are often called “invisible” braces because they can’t be seen when you speak or smile. 

EmpowerⓇ Clear

Empower Clear braces are crafted from a strong ceramic material that blends with the color of your teeth. There are no elastics required, and each bracket uses special clips to secure the wire in place. 

All of these options help you perfect your smile without a mouth full of metal. Rad Orthodontics also offers technology like PROPELⓇ Orthodontics and AcceleDentⓇ Aura that can speed your orthodontic treatment process. 

When you’re ready to explore the possibilities, schedule an appointment with Rad Orthodontics online or by phone to learn more about adult orthodontics options.