OrthoCAD iQ™

What Is OrthoCAD iQ?

OrthoCAD iQ is a revolutionary new orthodontic system that utilizes advanced computer guidance technology to assist your doctor in creating the ideal smile for you. The OrthoCAD iQ system minimizes the impact of orthodontics on your life, both in terms of time and comfort. OrthoCAD iQ is a great alternative to braces!

How Does OrthoCAD iQ Work to Improve my Smile?

After your doctor takes an impression of your teeth, the OrthoCAD iQ system then creates a virtual model of your entire mouth. From there, we can view numerous treatment solutions, and work with you to create a treatment plan for a picture-perfect outcome.

What Does OrthoCAD iQ Mean to Me?

The treatment solutions generated by OrthoCAD iQ enable us to deliver exceptional accuracy when placing the brackets. The accuracy of OrthoCAD iQ provides several distinct advantages to you:

  • The accuracy allows for faster progression, shorter total treatment time, and less time spent wearing braces!
  • Less time spent in the dental chair on bonding day. Advanced computerized guidance technology allows us to place brackets quickly and precisely, which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get braces.
  • Fewer required adjustments means fewer office visits! We are able to fine-tune bracket placement with unmatched precision. As a result, you have fewer follow-up appointments, which means less disruption to your everyday life.

If you're in need of braces, but not looking forward to discomfort, numerous checkups, and time spent sitting in the dental chair, then be sure to ask us about OrthoCAD iQ. Call us for an orthodontic consultation.

What Our Patients are Saying

“The staff is fantastic! I never had to wait — they were quick, professional, and kind. Dr. Rad made the process as pleasant as possible and did it with good humor. The office utilized the latest technology and is a pleasant place to be. I would highly recommend Rad Orthodontics!” – Amy

“I am extremely satisfied and happy with the entire experience. The change is amazing, and the length of treatment was shorter than I expected. The staff was the friendliest I have ever encountered; professional but extremely personable.” – Guy

“By far the most pleasant experience I’ve had at a doctor’s office.” – Dawn

“I was very nervous about the braces, but Rad2 Orthodontics was very cordial and pleasant and put me promptly at ease. They explained the entire process to us and allowed us to ask any questions we had.” – Grace

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