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No two teen cases are the same. That’s why Invisalign is constantly advancing their clear aligner technology. This allows Rad Orthodontics to deliver a unique, customized teeth-straightening solution that’s more precise and keeps your teen moving forward.

The Invisalign Teen Difference

Invisalign for teens is specially targeted to our teen clients. The treatment is very similar to adult aligners, with a few key differences.

First, there is a small blue dot on the back of the aligners that changes color from blue to clear the more the aligners are worn. This helps Dr. Rad monitor how well the patient is complying and the patient know if they are wearing the aligners enough.

Second, there are extra replacement aligners that come with Invisalign Teen in case any are lost. Teen Invisalign patients can contact our College Park, Potomac, or Bethesda orthodontic office to quickly get a replacement aligner. Adults can also get replacement aligners, but they are not included as part of the treatment, so they often come with an additional fee.

Rad Orthodontics has been doing Invisalign Teen since it first came out, and we have found that many of our Invisalign Teen treatments are shorter than similar treatments with braces. We are proud that our treatment times are 40% -50% shorter than average!

The Invisalign Smile Journey

Your teen’s smile journey begins with a scan or impressions. We will work closely with Invisalign treatment specialists to develop a complete digital treatment plan, carefully plotting your teen’s best smile from start to finish.

Your teen will receive their Invisalign clear aligners, created with Invisalign’s proprietary SmartTrack material. Throughout their treatment, you can monitor their compliance through an indicator on the aligner. Your teen will also come in for quick visits about every eight weeks so Rad Orthodontics can make sure treatment is progressing as planned.

Is Invisalign Teen right for your teen?

The most important thing to consider when determining if Invisalign Teen is right for your teen is responsibility. Since aligners are removed for meals, teens need to be responsible enough to keep them in the provided case so they are not accidentally discarded. In addition, teens need to be willing to wear the aligners all the time, even at school, social events, and activities. With Invisalign Teen, it's really simple to comply with treatment directions: wear aligners all the time (23 hours per day), except for when you eat and if your aligners are not in your mouth, put them in your case!

In some cases, elastic bands are also incorporated into Invisalign® Teen treatments. This is generally required when the upper and lower jaws (the way upper and lower teeth fit together) need to be aligned. This alignment requires more force than simply straightening teeth. The elastics attach to special bumps or hooks that are built into the aligners. If your teen’s treatment includes elastics, it is important to wear them as directed by Rad Orthodontics. If your teen doesn’t wear them as directed, treatment may be delayed or revised.

Why make your teen’s treatment Rad?

When it comes to your orthodontic treatment, Rad Orthodontics offers much more than just a great smile: experience, excellence, and personal attention set us apart from other providers. The orthodontists at Rad Orthodontics are highly trained, with three years of specialized training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics after dental school. In addition, Rad Orthodontics are experts in Invisalign treatments—we have been Top 1% Invisalign Providers for years, and are known for excellent results in complex cases. Our staff provides friendly personal attention to every patient, and we work hard to make our office a fun place to visit.

We have found that teens are more apt to follow treatment directions when they respect and like the people who are guiding them through the treatments. The doctors and staff at Rad Orthodontics treat patients with respect, develop a casual and fun relationship, and firmly request their compliance. All in all, most children and teens that we treat enjoy the times they visit with us and are happily willing to comply with their treatment plans. This makes the treatments both more effective and more efficient.

Invisalign treatment gives both you and your teen a better teeth-straightening experience when compared to traditional braces. Learn more during your teen’s initial consultation at our College Park, Potomac, or Bethesda orthodontic office.

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