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Orthodontic Treatment for Teens


You’ve just heard the three words every teen dreads: “You need braces!”  DON'T PANIC! Today's braces are way easier and way cooler than your parent's braces.  Check it out:


Don’t worry! Braces aren’t nearly as scary as you may think. In fact, today they come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, which makes life with braces much easier, more comfortable, and even more stylish than in the past.


There are many types of braces, and Rad Orthodontics offers a variety of types and styles to choose from. Some common options include:

  • Invisalign® Teen
  • Ceramic braces (tooth colored brackets)
  • Lingual braces (placed on the tongue side of your teeth)
  • Traditional metal braces

Orthodontic braces are a big part of life for many people your age. While they might have had a bad reputation in the past, today’s braces make it easy to look good and feel good! We have several options that are almost invisible: give us a call to see what we have to offer.

Gone are the days of “metal-mouth” orthodontia. You can now choose clear aligners, clear, tooth colored or metal brackets, lingual brackets, and in some cases, even the color of your appliance. Wires are thinner and far less noticeable, and the latest materials are designed to move teeth faster with more comfort. Today, any age is a great time to wear braces!


Rad Orthodontics is known for shorter treatment times, but the length of time it takes to complete your treatment depends on three key factors:

  • Early treatment — If you already received early treatment to guide and monitor the growth of your jaw, you may have a shorter treatment time now that you are in Phase Two. If you were not a candidate or did not receive early treatment, it may take a little longer to move your teeth into their proper place.
  • What needs correction — The amount of treatment needed to correct the problem determines how long the process takes. Treatment times can vary, depending on how much work is needed and how quickly your body responds to treatment. Each patient reacts to treatments differently, so while it may take you only 12 months to complete your treatment, it may take another person 24 months.
  • YOU! — Your diligence in using your appliances plays a major role in your treatment time. Follow your treatment plan and always remember to take care of your braces and appliances; this really will help make your treatment shorter!
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