Why Rad2?

Superior Materials, Precise Methods, and Effective Results

Rad² Orthodontics uses state-of-the-art technology to provide highly precise, more effective, and more efficient orthodontic treatment for our patients.

Where appropriate, we use a 3D scanner, X-rays, and cephalometric analysis to see a complete picture of the patient’s tooth, jaw, and skeletal alignment. Dr. Mehdy, Dr. David, Dr. Petrarca, or Dr. Mostowfi then determine whether there are issues that need to be addressed through orthodontic treatment.  

Based on this comprehensive diagnosis, Dr. Mehdy, Dr. David, Dr. Petrarca, or Dr. Mostowfi will design a custom treatment plan for each patient. Their treatment plans take into account each patient’s growth patterns, bone and tooth health, jaw alignment and tooth alignment, as well as aesthetic considerations.

They use additional state-of-the-art technology to create custom-made appliances that are more precise, more effective, and more efficient than traditional braces. 

Comfortable and Efficient Treatments

Shorter treatment times are a hallmark of our care. We combine several different materials and techniques to enable us to provide better smiles, faster:

  • Technology-driven, custom-designed treatment
  • Precise bracket placement through 3D modeling & indirect bonding
  • Self-ligating brackets
  • Heat-activated wires
  • Constant, gentle force

All this leads to more comfortable and more efficient treatment. No cumbersome impressions, better hygiene, longer intervals between appointments, shorter appointment times — you’ll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to get the smile you always wanted. 

A Friendly and Thorough Consultation

Dr. Mehdy, Dr. David, Dr. Petrarca, and Dr. Mostowfi give patients all the information and time they need to consider their orthodontic treatment. By the end of your complimentary consultation, you will know exactly what to expect throughout your treatment. During the consultation, you’ll receive an immediate, easy-to-understand diagnosis and treatment plan to take with you. Our doctors and the staff will spend time discussing your treatment plan and the appropriate treatment options. We will show you the diagnostic tools, explain the personalized treatment plan, answer your questions, and discuss your concerns patiently.

Our staff will also explain and discuss all financial options with you. Feel free to ask any and all questions that come to mind; we’re here to help! Once you begin your treatment, our staff will work with you to identify the most convenient payment option for you. We’ll even submit your insurance claims for you! If you have dental insurance, we do our best to make your orthodontic treatment comfortable and convenient.

A Personal Touch

At Rad² Orthodontics, we work hard to treat our patients the same way we would like to be treated: with respect, professionalism, and sensitivity toward personal needs. We consider our patients to be part of our family, and we do everything we can to make sure that each patient has an exceptional experience with us.

As a team, we promise to:

  • Do a good job! From the moment you enter our practice, we want you to feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated. We are here for you, and it’s our goal to build your trust in us as we provide you with exceptional orthodontic care.
  • Be efficient. We know you have a busy schedule, and we don’t think your appointments should interfere with your life. All our appointments are appropriately scheduled so you will spend less time in the waiting room and dental chair, and more time out enjoying the things that make you smile.
  • Provide an office environment that is friendly, inviting, and professional. Your comfort is important to us, and we recognize that each person who visits our practice has unique needs and expectations.

We look forward to working with you, and to being a part of a wonderful, life-changing experience for you.

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